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fixed Issue has been resolved
#1: 2019-10-11 17:37:39
McHuberts level40+
The title of the post says it all.
#2: 2019-10-21 10:06:11
Gaeokerena level20+
I couldn't figure this one out, but then it hit me...

1. The Slime is automatically generated at the start of the turn from Abandoned Carverns
2. Blood of the Dead is triggered, which reduces it to zero Health
3. The turn starts and as part of the that the Healing sub-phase restores 1 point back to the Slime.

I have updated Abandoned Caverns to create the Slime at the beginning of the Resource phase which now fixes this.
Wasteland Market
I know that is a very basic territory, but I love it's effect.
Is ideal to change your hand when you need discard some useless card to get a new one. Plus that, you can use it to deffend in bad situations.

In new decks will be good for any player; and in advanced decks, if you have space to fill with territories, could be a good option for you.
Skeletal Warrior
Behold the best card of the undead set, a 4 damage 4 accuracy body for two mana(resource) its the best buy you can get in any deck for 2 mana and you can repay it because yes it can be played from the grave.
I may be a bit biased for graveyard effects because my faworite is necromancy but this is the most OP creature card I ever saw in any game for starts and mana cost in its environment, A perfect chomp blocker.
Don't think pay 4 crystals for you 4 copy because its can be and its a must in all your decks. (that is if you like power)
Everliving is broken ability l.because it provides infinite draw access look for those cards.