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#1: 2019-09-13 08:17:11
McHuberts level40+
The game is great. Brilliant game mechanics. Massive amount of builds possible. Plenty of game modes........but
you often need specific cards to make the deck you want, because you think it is a great build, for achievements, for the gauntlet or just for fun.

A starting player can buy boosters or go to the market. Unfortunately most important cards are rare. Buying decks is just a gamble and these cards are often not sold on the market and if for a very high price. With the low player base this game has, the market does not function very well.
Oooh yes, there is another option and that is obtaining green gems. Grinding can be fun, but if you need 20 green gems it will cost you a month playing 40 or more games a day and you may hope your deck is strong enough to finish a game quickly.
Currently I try to get some gems and I got two in just over 100 hundred games of which mostly cataclysm games.

Every other online CCG, Hearthstone, Eternal etc, have mechanics in which it is possible to obtain stuff, like green gems, with trashing cards or buying packs. In that way it becomes easier to get the cards you want and need. I can understand that new players do not hang out for very long. What is their perspective, other than endless grinding. Only the die hards stay.

Why not introduce blue gems. 100 blue gems is 1 green gem. You can trash cards for blue gems or get blue gems when you buy a booster. Perhaps even when you play a game you have a decent chance for a blue gem. In that way the game gets more attractive and players have a feeling they can control their decks and collection.
#2: 2019-09-13 11:56:34
Gaeokerena level20+

Lets hear some thoughts on this, as it could radically change the economy of the game.

Also, should we replace coins with blue gems and use these to buy boosters and dividual cards?
#3: 2019-09-13 12:56:32
McHuberts level40+
Gaeokerena said: Interesting...

Lets hear some thoughts on this, as it could radically change the economy of the game.

Also, should we replace coins with blue gems and use these to buy boosters and dividual cards?
I think you should keep the coins as the base currency for everything except buying individual cards. That is were the gems come in. Only for buying/forging the individual cards. Gems also shouldn't be tradeble.

You often see in other games that coins are also used to buy in to certain events or special games that give extra bonuses, like booster packs or gems. You could use this in the campaign for example. I could also imagine that you construct some kind of adventure in which players have to battle there way through an amount of (puzzle)games to receive interesting prizes/special cards. A bit like the current achievements, but then in some order to a certain goal. Players have to buy in to the adventure.

I also have an idea for the campaign to avoid a certain faction to grow too big. You could reduce the amount of turns players get according to the seize of their faction on the board. For every 20 or 30 regions the players get one turn less......due to the logistic problems......or some other plausable reason. This way a faction can never get a lot bigger than 200-300 regions. 
Khan`s Boon
draw for 0??!!??!! yes please.. oh wait.. my opponent draws too?.. hmm i better be smart when using this but can be such a great card!
Imperial Monk
when I first stepped on the scene years ago, when these stomping grounds was known as advanced fallen worlds, this was my favorite card. for a few res he can snatch any creature your opponent puts on the field, and he can do this for the entire game. find ways to protect him, and keep him on the field, and the game should be yours